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Icey's Surf Collection


This page is to document the interesting websites I found while surfing the Internet. I keep updating this page in long time, and recommend you bookmark this page (Cltr + D or ⌘ + D).


Name Caption
Bangumi Moe BT, Chinese only
Nyaa BT
VCB-Studio VCB is a subtitle group that publishes BDRip resources.
Yuc’s Anime List Quarterly anime list (Chinese only)
動漫花園 BT, Chinese only

In fact, I don’t watch anime very often now, I usually download it when I want to watch it. I usually watch the finished, because this can choose what I like. Occasionally, I will choose stream media when the anime I chilled updated and computer is not with me.(In Chinese it be called 追番) I usually use 低端影视 to watch.


Games accompany people’s life, entertainment is human nature.

Game Design

I used to want to make games, but unfortunately Chinese games haven’t future. Here are the sites I collected at the time.

Name Caption Game development
QianMo Game programming (Chinese only)
indienova Chinese only
Starloop Studios The Story behind Game design

Play Game

Name Caption A game mall focusing on independent games
Steam Card Change Find and trade Steam cards
Steam DB Query game prices, including different time and regions prices
Steam 250 Find Top 250 games on steam since 2017
Watt Toolkit An open source cross-platform multi-purpose game toolkit
月幕Galgame High quality galgame community
Steam Card Generate Generate steam profile card quickly
DroidJoy DroidJoy will turn your mobile in gamepad for your PC

This is my steam profile page, although I don’t use steam very much, but welcome to comment.


There isn’t glorious road to learning. The pain of the learning process is for us to master knowledge and change the world.


Name Caption
Anna’s Archive The project aims to catalog all the books in existence
Library Genesis Shadow libraries
Z-Library The largest shadow library
书伴 Kindle User Guide (Chinese only).


Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt.

– Wittgenstein (26 April 1889 – 29 April 1951)

We must remember “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” I hope us can overcome prejudice and rebuilds the Tower of Babel, a better world.


Name Caption
ESL BUZZ Specially prepared courses for non-native speakers
Want Words Multilingual languages reverse dictionary
Test your English vocabulary As the title
英语真题在线 CET, TEM and NPEE English papers


I learn English to study, work and communicate with others, but Japanese is not like that. I learn Japanese just to watch anime, just the meme: “English is work, but Japanese is life”. Even this, I have to say: katakana to die.

Name Caption
アニメ•マンガの日本語 Japanese in anime & comic
NHK 簡明日語 Japanese courses offered by NHK


This section is used to collect websites that can improve efficiency.

Name Caption
Coverview Generate cover for post
Photopea Online version of Photoshop
Slidev Generate slides by Markdown
Desmos Graphing Calculator (2D)
GeoGebra Graphing Calculator
Mathematics Stack Exchange Stack Exchange’s math section.
WolframAlpha Science and Engineering resources

I don’t use MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). In fact, I usually use markdown or $ \LaTeX $, and use Slidev or Beamer to generate slides.


Writing standards are very important, especially for mixed Chinese and English. So here are some tools that can improve expression of type.

Name Caption
TypingClub Practice typing posture
Qwerty Learner Use words to increase typing speed Practice typing speed with fiction
pangu.js Automatically add spaces between Chinese and English.

We all know that Chinese typesetting is difficult, my standard is according to 中文文案排版指北 . If you are interested, you can find more in Requirements for Chinese Text Layout .



I must admit that the era of the Internet is over, although I prefer web, and now it is the world of Apps. I have seen the last glory of Internet, and only watch it fade away, which is luck and unlucky.


For China mainland users, root can improve the user experience very well. The domestic systems are too bad.

Name Caption
Xiaomi EU Not AD for MIUI
XiaomiROM History of Xiaomi ROM
XDA XDA is a forum for root
Pixel Experience root to Pixel Experience


Name Caption
iRingo Unlock full Apple’s functions
Open-Source iOS Apps Collaborative List of Open-Source iOS Apps
快捷指令库 Chinese only

Here is a joke, Russia has more functions available after being restricted by Apple than China. i think it’s a kind of confidence (我认为这是一种自信).


Using proxy software can protect our privacy well. If you are from China, North Korea, Iran, or other countries with Internet censorship, then the proxies also has the function of bypassing firewall. This section is only for the visitors whose from China.

Platform Software
Android Clash for Android / Surfboard
iOS & macOS Shadowrocket / Sugar / Quantumult X
Windows Clash for Windows
Router OpenClash / ShellClash

GeoIP2-CN is a IP database for China, that can optimize the experience of surf in Internet.


Here are some poorly categorized resources.



Name Remark RSS
iDaily Daily news photos Today
The Guardian
联合早报 Biased towards instant news China News
端媒體 Bias news in-depth commentary 最新

You can find more on RSSHub if you want change feeds.


Name Type E-book Language
生活月刊 Life PDF & Web 繁/简
二十一世紀 Humanities PDF
思想 Thought PDF

Mess Around

Name Caption
The Useless Web Mess around What’s happening right now
今日热榜 Today’s Hot News
后续 China hot-news follow-up (Chinese only)


Name Caption
B22 主流国际电台对华短波广播频率表 Mainstream radio stations listen FM in China
Radio Garden Explore live radio by rotating the globe
OneStep Radio Free radio platform

iptv-org is a collection of publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world.

Social Media

If you don’t like register, you can use this sites.

Nome Caption
Picnob View Instagram post Capture and share tweet as image



Finally finished, it took me two full days. This is not just a websites sharing post, but also a trace of my surfing.